Summer 2017:

After some discussion we´ve decided that our new baby "Life Lines" will become a full album, instead recording an EP. So, we will record seven brandnew tracks, the pre-production will start somewhere in july and hopefully we will finish and polish the album in autumn 2017.

The release date is not clear yet, initially our target was October, but it could happen, that things will take its time until early 2018. Just visit our Facebook page and you will always be up to date.

There will be some surprises on and around the album, but we won´t tell you now ... but later on. So stay tuned!

In the meantime, we recommend you to buy the "Metalliance 2" sampler, where Life Artist's new track "Antisocial Networks" is featured along with great artists like Mayfair, Bleeding or Heart Of Cygnus. Order "Metalliance 2" for mercilessly cheap 8 euro at powermetal.de
Life Artist 2017 are:

Marco Witte - Vocals, Synths
Frank Jauernick - Guitars
Dirk Eckhard - Bass, Vocals
Andreas Tegeler - Drums
Ingo Holzhauer - Synths, Engineering
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